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Application Adobe.Master.Collection.CC.2021.11.0.FINAL.EN-RU.MKS

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Dec 2, 2020
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As I hope you know, the Adobe Master Collection 2021 does not officially exist in nature, Adobe has never released it. But, nevertheless, he is in front of you! Moreover, it is assembled on the basis of a modern installer, produced by Adobe, the use of which for this assembly became possible thanks to the joint efforts of your humble servant and many well-known PainteR. We both worked hard to bring this package to life. Adobe Master Collection 2021 is a collection of applications of the Creative Cloud 2021 line, united by a single installer with the ability to choose the installation path and interface language of the installed programs. In terms of functionality, everything is very similar to the well-proven Adobe Master Collection CS6 in the past. Only, now, the installer interface has undergone major changes compared to its namesake of the Creative Suite 6 line, the composition of the package has changed slightly, and the versions of the programs themselves are definitely fresh 'Adobe Master Collection 2021 v11 EN-RU'.

Adobe Master Collection 2021 (v11) EN-RU

Release Year: 2021
Version: 11.0
Developer: Adobe
Author: m0nkrus
Platform: Windows
Interface Language: English + Russian
Medicine: Activated

System Requirements:
• Microsoft Windows 7 with SP1, 8.x (not available for most programs) or Windows 10
• Microsoft Edge browser powered by Chromium
• Internet access for online services
• Full list of system requirements for each specific product: https://helpx.adobe.com/creative-cloud/system-requirements.html

Package Content:
Adobe Acrobat Pro DC 2021 (EN-RU)
Adobe After Effects 2021 (EN-RU)
Adobe Animate 2021 (EN-RU)
Adobe Audition 2021 (EN)
Adobe Bridge 2021 (EN-RU)
Adobe Character Animator 2021 (EN-RU)
Adobe Dimension 2021 (EN)
Adobe Dreamweaver 2021 (EN-RU)
Adobe Fresco 2021 (EN-RU)
Adobe Fuse 2021 (EN)
Adobe Illustrator 2021 (EN-RU)
Adobe InCopy 2021 (EN-RU)
Adobe InDesign 2021 (EN-RU)
Adobe Lightroom Classic 2021 (EN-RU)
Adobe Media Encoder 2021 (EN-RU)
Adobe Photoshop 2021 (EN-RU)
Adobe Prelude 2021 (EN-RU)
Adobe Premiere Pro 2021 (EN-RU)
Adobe Premiere Rush 2021 (EN-RU)
Adobe XD 2021 (EN-RU)

List of Changes Made:
- I, m0nkrus, discovered a hidden possibility to use the standalone Adobe installer for multi-installation, and PainteR "caught" the missing syntax for its initialization.
- The assembly is based on the offline Adobe installer version, which is not available to the general public.
- From the installer, with the exception of the required minimum, the Adobe Desktop Common module is cut out, which is installed by the original installer without fail.
- From the installer, the Adobe Creative Cloud module is completely cut out, which is installed by the original installer without fail.
- The installer has been improved so that programs authorized using Adobe ID do not display a message about the end of the trial period.
- The installer provides a choice of installation path and program interface language.
- In the installer window, I launched a "carousel" of Creative Cloud logos, which does not let you get bored during the installation.
- From the distributions included in the assembly, if possible, all language packs are excluded, except for Russian and English.
- For programs that need it, the offline installer integrates into Windows 7 a certificate confirming the modern electronic signature of Adobe.
- For some programs, the ability to install on Windows 7 with SP1, 8.x and Windows 10 junior versions is unlocked.
- The Adobe Fuse distribution is specially adapted to the modern type of installer to become part of this assembly.
- Adobe Acrobat Pro DC has been updated to version 21.7.20099.
- Adobe After Effects 2021 has been updated to version
- Adobe Animate 2021 has been updated to version
- Adobe Audition 2021 has been updated to version
- Adobe Bridge 2021 has been updated to version
- Adobe Character Animator 2021 has been updated to version
- Updated Adobe Dimension to version
- Adobe Dreamweaver 2021 has been updated to version
- Updated Adobe Fresco to version
- Updated Adobe Fuse to version 2017.1.
- Adobe Illustrator 2021 has been updated to version
- Adobe InCopy 2021 has been updated to version
- Adobe InDesign 2021 has been updated to version
- Updated Adobe Lightroom Classic to version
- Adobe Media Encoder 2021 has been updated to version
- Adobe Photoshop 2021 has been updated to version
- Adobe Prelude 2021 has been updated to version
- Adobe Premiere Pro 2021 has been updated to version
- Adobe Premiere Rush has been updated to version
- Updated Adobe XD to version
- The Adobe Camera Raw helper has been updated to version
- The Adobe CC Library Helper has been updated to version
- The Adobe CoreSync helper has been updated to version
- Updated the Adobe CCX Process helper to version
- Adobe UXP WebView Support has been updated to version
- Maxon Cinema 4D, which is part of the distribution of Adobe After Effects 2021, has been updated to version R24.111 and treated.
- The Adobe Acrobat DC auto-update service, which is started by the original program installer by default, has been disabled.
- Disabled the Adobe Genuine Software Integrity Service, which is started by default by the original installer of Adobe Acrobat DC.
- Log Transport Application spyware is disabled for most programs.
- For most programs, when you log in with your Adobe ID, the "Library" panel (CC Library) becomes available. For some - saving projects and settings in the cloud.
- All programs have already been treated. Starting windows (initial screens) work for almost all programs.

1.) Install Adobe Master Collection 2021 (use autoplay.exe).
2.) Enjoy!

Note: If you encounter any issues with a previous installation / crack, please uninstall the program and delete those folders:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Adobe\SLCache

Question: You wrote that for some programs you unlocked the ability to install on older operating systems. For what programs and on which OS?
Answer: I will not describe here which specific OS I have unlocked for each program. If you want to know this in advance, then find my assembly of the program that interests you and see what system requirements are indicated by me in the topic header of this assembly. Here in Master Collection, the system requirements will be the same.

Question: I can't click the "Continue" button because the contents of the window do not fit in the window itself, and the button is out of view. What to do?
Answer: This occasionally happens on crookedly tuned OS. The keyboard has a TAB key. Click it to the desired menu item.

Question: I have a plug at the initial stage of the installation, not described above. Can you suggest something?
Answer: Try to replace the Set-up.exe file used in the distribution kit with the one downloaded from here .

Question: The installation was not completed due to an incomprehensible error. What to do?
Answer: Familiarize yourself with the decoding of error codes . Also, I recommend to study the installation log. It is located at C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Adobe\Installers\Install.log. Perhaps here you will get more detailed information about the problem and how to fix it.

Question: What needs to be done to make it possible to work with cloud storage, libraries and other online services?
Answer: To do this, you need to connect to the Adobe server with your ID by selecting "Help-> Sign In" in the program menu and passing authorization. I strongly recommend that you close the window in which you will be prompted to run a trial version with a cross. In this case, in the future, you will not encounter the problem of the appearance of an annoying message about the end of the trial period! After restarting the program, online services will become available.

Question: When I try to log in, I get a notification that my system or browser does not meet the system requirements. What to do?
Answer: Installing Microsoft Edge on the Chromium platform and setting it as the default browser helped me solve the problem.

Question: What about disabling spyware?
Answer: The spyware module Log Transport Application (LogTransport2.exe) is disabled. The file that initializes it has been renamed to LogTransport2.exe.bak. If you suddenly have a desire to restore its performance, just remove the .bak extension from it.

Question: Is it possible to update installed applications with standard tools?
Answer: Some applications can. But I strongly do not recommend it. This will almost certainly cause the activation to crash.

Question: What about medicines in the current version of the assembly?
Answer: Craftsmen produced medicines for this line of programs. The cured files were built by me into the software distributions, so you don't need to do anything to cure them. Treatment solutions from uncia, cppasm and PainteR are involved. Just in case, the original files are saved with the .bak extension. To restore them, remove the .bak extension from these files and replace the existing patched files with them.

Question: When I open the program, I get the error "Adobe Creative Cloud, needed to resolve the problem, is missing or damaged...". What to do?
Answer: You still have "tails" in the system from previous installations of Adobe Creative Cloud components. They must be removed. To do this, use the Adobe Creative Cloud Cleaner Tool . As the component to remove, first select All, and then Adobe Creative Cloud Desktop. After that, reinstall the failed program. Such cleaning with reinstallation will not damage previously installed programs.

Question: When opening Photoshop 2021, the "Error at loading of ippCV library" window pops up. What to do?
Answer: According to Adobe, Photoshop 2021 lineup requires a processor that supports SSE 4.2 or later. Alas, if your processor does not support this architecture, then this version of Photoshop will not work on your computer. I recommend that you roll back to my build of Photoshop version 22.1.1. There this problem was still managed to be correctly solved.

Question: Neurofilters don't work for me in Photoshop 2021. Why?
Answer: If you are denied downloading neurofilters, then delete the C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Roaming\Adobe\UXP\PluginsStorage\PHSP\22\Internal\com.adobe.nfp.gallery\PluginData folder. After restarting the program, the filters should start downloading. But then I personally could not get through. When I try to use any of the filters, I get an error. You may need an active subscription, or at least an unused trial period. Perhaps the whole point is the imperfection of the medicine. This may be a temporary glitch on the Adobe server. Maybe something else ... While it is as it is.

Question: When I launch Animate 2021, I just get a black background instead of the Home screen. What to do?
Answer: If the presence of the initial screen is not particularly important for you, then simply use the program menu to create / open a file. If you want to see the initial screen at startup, you need to connect to the Adobe server with your ID by selecting "Help-> Sign In" in the program menu and after authorization - the initial screen will work normally.

Question: Why am I blocked from creating a new project in Premiere Rush?
Answer: In order for the program to fully work, you need to connect to the Adobe server with your ID by selecting "Help-> Sign In" (Help-> Sign In) in the program menu and passing authorization.

Question: Why does my Fresco either hang or close immediately after launch?
Answer: The Fresco program does not allow you to use it without authorization. Alas, it is not possible to log in to a program that cannot be started normally. But you can log in to any other Adobe program by selecting "Help-> Sign In" from the program menu (Help-> Sign In). By logging in to one program, you are authorized immediately in all installed Adobe programs. After that, Fresco will start correctly.

Question: Even if I choose English during installation, is Fresco still in Russian? What to do?
Answer: This type of installer does not provide the user with a choice of language for Fresco. The language is selected automatically based on the language of the operating system. Alas, the mechanism for changing the language is unknown to me.

Question: Even if I choose English during installation, XD is it still in Russian? What to do?
Answer: This type of installer does not provide the user with a choice of language for XD. The language is selected automatically based on the language of the operating system. However, the program interface language can be changed on an already installed application. To do this, run the program and open any template. After that, go through the authorization in the Help...->Sign In... program menu. Then, click Help...->Language, where the application interface language is set.

Question: Can you tell me more about the ability to fully use Maxon Cinema 4D?
Answer: Maxon Cinema 4D is automatically installed as part of Adobe After Effects 2021. The trial version is installed by default. But I cured it for you. When you first start the program, an authorization window will open. Close it. The program will automatically start again. But already completely cured of greed. The program interface is originally English, but it can be easily changed to another by downloading the language pack (including Russian). Among those offered for download (in addition to language packs, you can install additional content libraries), select the desired language and open the downloaded language pack using Maxon Cinema 4D. After the restart, the program will already have the selected interface language. Switching between already installed interface languages is available in the program settings.

Image Size and CRC:
Image Size: 21.9 GB (23,614,343,168 bytes)
MD5 Image Sum: 4b996117f9e3195a858fbe38e8f9390b
SHA1 Image Sum: 477e102377f502f6512d9f180273239451ea576a